Shut Down For Summer - See You Next Season!

Our Story



A Little Bit About Us

Our family has been farming citrus in the Central Valley of California for over five generations. As a small family farm, it can often be difficult to keep up with the big corporate farmers and the current generation was starting to feel defeated. So, we started this company to breathe new life into the family business and quite frankly, we have not seen our dads this excited for the future of farming in a long time! It brings us great joy to share our family’s citrus with our customers, and find great satisfaction knowing they will be able to experience how citrus should actually taste. Lastly, we wanted to create a platform for other farmers to do the same thing with their fresh produce! 


Our Commitment at The Sisters Market

STEWARDSHIP.  We only partner with farmers who embody the responsibility of planning and managing resources; farming ethically and sustainably.  In fact, our family received the Agriculturalists of the Year Award in 2016 and as farmers, believe that what we put into the soil, the soil returns to us.

FRESHNESS.  Your fruit is going to be as fresh as it gets.  Once you place your order, we’ll queue it up for delivery and your fruit is not picked until the day you order it. 

UNITY.  Here’s the thing - of course we want to deliver you the freshest fruit possible.  But, that’s an easy ask from us.  What we really want to do is connect you, the consumer, to the farmer.  We want you to learn from us, cherish the food on your table and have fun with us.  In return, you’ll bring extra joy to our dads and the farmers we partner with by sharing in our love for good, juicy fruit!


Who We Are

The Sisters Market was co-founded by Elise, Emily and Jenna. Elise and Emily are twin sisters and Jenna is a cousin. Our dads are brothers and have been working on the farm together since they were old enough to pick an orange!  When it comes to Elise, Emily and Jenna – everything happens in three's:  Elise is three minutes older than Emily and Jenna is three weeks younger than Elise and Emily.  Being so close in age and growing up just three miles down the road from each other, it’s easy to say we are sisters!

Growing up has taken us in different directions and we have gained a variety of experiences in our own career paths, and have even started our own families.  But, one thing remains the same for all three of us:  our roots run deep and the pull back to the family farm has always been strong.  Starting this business was something we have dreamt about for years and now we have finally done it!  We hope you enjoy our fruit as much as we do! 


Squeeze the Day,

Elise, Emily and Jenna