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We have unfortunately decided to end our season early due to the unprecedented rain, flooding and overall weather we've experienced since the beginning of the year. At the end of the day, we never want to let you down with an unpredictable delivery timeframe and fruit that is not up to our premium standards. 

To our subscribers: we will be pausing your accounts and will automatically restart them when it's time for next season. We are sorry for any disappointment, but please know we didn't come to this decision easily. Should you have any questions for us, please write us at info@thesistersmarket.com.


The Sisters

Farm To Front Door

Welcome to The Grove! We’ve partnered with Farmers in a unique way that allows us to harvest your order after you’ve purchased it! We then pick, pack and ship to you. We specialize in our family citrus, but also carry different types of produce throughout the year. Since we only sell fruit that is in season, our available inventory constantly changes. Please see our Featured Collection below to start shopping!

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Need a kick of Vitamin C? We got you covered, in more ways than one. Check out our new Vitamin C, Tea & Chill Box!

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Best peaches I’ve ever had!!!

Ina Garten

Fruit was delivered quickly, even across the country. Tastes delicious, full of flavor and juice. Not dry like the ones from the local grocer. Well worth the money!

Karen B

These were the best oranges I have ever had!!! I love the delivery service!

Kimberly W

Everything from The Sister's Market has been great. I'll never go back to store bought citrus...as long as The Sisters are around!

Michele L

If you haven't tried this fruit you are missing out! There is no comparison between what you buy at the store and what they deliver. Treat your family today!

Judith D

So grateful to know great women who are building an awesome family company! This produce is unlike anything you can find elsewhere. Thank you for bringing my hometown to me!


Sweet Gifts For Any Occasion

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    The Holiday Box
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    Honey Sticks
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