Meet Our Partners

Come meet our incredible partners who grow your fruit and make sweet products for your Gift Boxes!

Sweet Home Ranch


Sweet Home Ranch is a small family farm in Dinuba, Ca owned by Jarrod and Lauren Katayama. They purchased the ranch from Paul and Ruth Buxman, who still live on the property today. Jarrod and Lauren are committed to passing on the traditions started years ago by the Buxmans.

At Sweet Home Ranch, all of fruit is certified California Clean. This way of farming protects the environment, supports small family farms, and provides our customers with extraordinary fruit at an affordable price. Lauren and Jarrod provide a family like environment for all their employees. Their team has a communal garden where fresh salsa is made daily and carne asada is cooked over a peach wood fire.

Jarrod and Lauren have a 2 year old daughter named Rylee and another baby on the way this December. They plan to raise both children on the ranch and keep Sweet Home a family farm for generations to come.