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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where does your Citrus come from?  Our family farms our citrus in the Central Valley of California.  Our farms are in the outskirts of a little town called Visalia.

When I place my order, how soon can I expect to get it?  Because our citrus is perishable and the elements of UPS can cause damage, we try to limit the time the package is in transit by avoiding extra shipping days over the weekend.  Therefore, we only ship Monday.  Orders placed after 7am on Monday will be shipped the following Monday.  **Due to the heavy volume of shipments that UPS is experiencing during the holiday season, we see a few more shipping delays than we would like to.  If your order does not arrive in perfect condition, please let us know and we’ll make it right!  You can email us at   

Holiday Shipping: In order to ensure your Holiday Box delivery before Christmas, we are doing a drop shipment date starting 12/18. If you have a local delivery, we will begin delivering by 12/19. All orders placed after 12/21 will be held until the New Year, and we will resume shipping on 1/2.

What is the shelf life of my fruit?  It depends on where we are in the harvest season, but you can expect your fruit to last around 2 weeks on the counter and 2-4 weeks in the refrigerator.  If we are early in the season, the fruit can last up to two months!  In the summertime, we recommend putting your fruit in the fridge after it arrives to cool it down quickly and extend your fruits shelf life. 

How does your fruit compare to grocery store fruit?  Unfortunately, it’s pretty hard to find citrus that is grown in the United States at our local and chain grocery stores.  Most of the fruit you see is being imported from other countries, adding age to the fruit you buy and consume.  Since most of the fruit is imported, you could be buying a piece of fruit that has been sitting in storage for up to 3-6 months.  Citrus in general is a hearty piece of fruit, but we are fairly certain that most people who buy citrus in stores have only tasted “old” and not “fresh” fruit.  Trust us, the difference is huge.

Why are my oranges a bit green?  Oranges and their color are completely dependent on the current weather.  If the weather is warmer than usual, the citrus tends to re-green as a way to protect itself.  When the temperatures warm up and the sun is out, the orange peel will produce chlorophyll, which is green, to prevent itself from sunburn - how cool is that?! Some even say that green oranges are sweeter in taste!

What is your return policy?  Should there be anything wrong with your fruit, please write us right away at and we’ll make it right.  No need to return the fruit to us.

Do you ship nationwide?  We ship to 48 states nationwide.  Unfortunately, due to USDA restrictions and distance, our friends in AK and HI will not be able to receive product.

If you have any additional questions, we would love to hear from you! Email us at