Vitamin C, Tea & Chill
Vitamin C, Tea & Chill
Vitamin C, Tea & Chill
Vitamin C, Tea & Chill
Vitamin C, Tea & Chill

Vitamin C, Tea & Chill

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**New & Exciting Add-Ons To Our Tea Box! Now including an adorable glass citrus mug, plus a tiny gold tea spoon! Select the "Premium Tea Box" from the drop down menu above!**

Is it any coincidence that Mother Nature timed a Vitamin C rich fruit to be ready for harvest during cold & flu (and COVID) season? We think not. Which is exactly why we wanted to collaborate our Vitamin C rich citrus with some delicious Citrus Ginger Tea and Wildflower Honey to make for the ultimate comfort gift.

Our gift box includes a variety of our in season citrus, local Wildflower Honey in a Honey Bear shaped bottle and Citrus Ginger Tea made by a local California company, Tea Drops. Tea Drops are pressed tea leaves that instantly dissolve in hot water, no tea bag required. Each Tea Drop is individually wrapped in 100% recyclable paper, and with every purchase a year supply of clean water is donated to someone in need. 

There are two options for our Tea Boxes:

  1. Original Tea Box: Includes citrus, honey and Tea Drop Tea canister
  2. Premium Tea Box: Includes citrus, honey, Tea Drop Tea canister, glass citrus tea mug and gold tea spoon

Order a box for a friend, or as a sweet pick me up for yourself. 

Here's to our health in 2021!