Shut Down For Summer - See You Next Season!

And That's a Wrap!



Cheers!! We're officially DONE with our very first harvest season!

What started as a little tiny idea years ago has finally become a reality, and boy is it sweet. Being able to work with my cousins in the family line of business is so fulfilling. We had ultimately planned to launch this summer in time for our fall harvest, but once COVID hit we felt almost a responsibility to have our online delivery service available for people who were now confined to their homes, and potentially couldn't get fresh produce from their local stores. On top of that, we wanted to be able to create a brand new type of platform for our small farming friends so they, too, could share their products where they may not have had an outlet to before. This was ultimately our biggest push in getting our store online, since we knew that a lot of our small farming comrades were struggling to get their produce off their fields and into the stores.

And now, here we are: we've officially been in business for almost four months, have shipped 800+ boxes of fresh fruit around the country, and have made so many new friends in the farming world as well as new and supportive customers. We sometimes can't believe that our idea has come into fruition (see what I did there) and we've already been through our first big harvest. We are so thankful that our small platform has reached so many people of all ages and all backgrounds. I think we can all agree: fresh fruit picked right off the tree is the BEST way to eat fruit!

Thanks to you all for a wonderful first season, cheers to many more!





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